Skin Care Trends of Year 2020

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Skin care industry has been growing by leaps and bounds with people of London getting more concerned about their skin health and routine. From the past couple of years, a make-up free look has been trending with some of the biggest models and stars posting their pictures online where they are not shying away from revealing their make-up free look. Skin Clinics in London and worldwide have taken cognizance of this rising trend and rightly so.

Emerging Trends

People are more inclined towards natural and organic products, so anything that comes with the organic label attracts the attention of people instantly. However, skin specialists are telling people to stay cautious while selecting the product because there is no definition of what can be classified or not classified into organic. According to various experts, anything that does not include chemicals or has been tested on animals is usually known as clean products.

Yet, another trend that is catching everyone’s attention is Cannabidiol beauty. Google searches alone show that there has been enough increase in the searches for CBD products for skin care. There have been a number of brands that are bringing their CBD range of lotions and skin care products in the market.

Last but not the least, another trend that has been quite popular throughout the last year is the green trend. A more popular term for this is eco-beauty which defines from minimum to no use of synthetic products. With the natural beauty gaining trend with days, it is not difficult to gauge the rising popularity of these trends.

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